AgroBrasil – the first Private Crop Insurance management company in Brazil was founded in 1998 as a response to the urgent need of the southern states rural producers of protection against climate adversities: their losses – caused by severe hail storms – occurred due to the fact that their crops and plantations were uninsured. This project was the first success ful private crop insurance initiative in this area, mostly because of direct partnerships between the AgroBrasil team and the local and regional rural producers.

Over the last decades our company grew and expanded its operations, always maintaining focus on the brazilian rural producers: today, less than 15% of the agricultural areas in Brazil are insured. Following this lead, we have researched and developed a vast array of risk management and insurance solutions for rural producers who grow fruits, grains and horticulture.


By offering state of the art risk management and climate protection tools, AgroBrasil’s main goal is to providerural producers with a safe, reliable and risk-detracted working environment, so that they can focus all their efforts on their crops.



LEADING EXPERIENCE – Established to Support the Brazilian Private Crop Insurance Market.

Our company has led this segment for more than 20 years, as we are the first private crop insurance endeavor in Brazil. We are always side-by-side in partnership with an insurance company, in order to fully support the rural producers and their crops.

RELIANCE – Tens of thousands of rural producers protected.

For decades, AgroBrasil has assessed, analyzed and helped rural producers in managing and reducing their losses due to climate risks. Currently, thousands of rural producers rely on our products and risk-mitigating solutions for a wide array of cultures.

EXPERTISE – A team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

The AgroBrasil team has highly qualified Agro Engineers with decades of experience in the agribusiness sector. Our Engineers and support staff are able to offer the best agile and responsive services for the demands of the rural producers and of our business partners.

AGILITY – Fast responses and solutions to climate risks management.

One of our unique attributes is that we offer a patented, agile and friendly user interface for rural producers and business partners when it comes to the arrangement of crop insurance protection and also for the processing of claim notices. The AgroNet® digital database and interface system is a worldwide acknowledged methodology, available to brokers, that allows the fastest and the most efficient response to the demands of the whole market.

COMMITMENT – We are there for you, 24 / 7.

Our team’s leading expertise of the brazilian agriculture can do more for the rural producers and for our business partners by offering differentiated risk solutions to mitigate crop losses.

EFFICIENCY - A reliable environment working for the rural producers.

AgroBrasil guarantees optimized and efficient risk management tools to its business partners and rural producers nationwide, so that the process of insuring crops can match - in the best possible manner - every single demand.



AgroBrasil is a unique Private Crop Insurance management company in the ever-growing brazilian private agricultural insurance market, with its full focus on the rural producers and on the agribusiness. Our company is a national leader in this area of operations and such leadership was achieved through a constantly improving work and research environment. We amass new technologies every day in order to gather the best available market intelligence. As a consequence, we are able to offer the best and most innovative solutions for climate risk management. Our leading expertise of the agribusiness is acknowledged nationwide. These are our main areas of operations:

1 – Risk Management Tools

2 – Product Research and Development 

3 – Processing and Management of Claims

4 – 24 / 7  Helpdesk to our Partners

5 – Training and Development



A crop being exposed to climate risks is a reality the rural producers have to endure on a daily basis and to which they have absolutely no control. The crop insurance products offered by AgroBrasi are aimed to respond to rural producers demands for a safer and more productive work environment.

The higher a climate risk is, the more coverage for crops will be needed. Keeping this in mind, AgroBrasil has chosen Essor Seguros S/A as partner to provide safe coverage to rural producers nation wide.

We offer advanced risk management insurance tools to a wide array of cultures. Below you can find each one of these specific developed products that will sure fit your demand.


The way crop insurance works, as well as what is necessary to request a quote, are explained by RURALITO® and SEGURITO®.